Tenth graders say Of Mice and Men is a hit

If you have read the book Of Mice and Men, you are in for a treat. The title might make you think that it’s a bad book but it’s good. It’s a story about two guys that travel together and one of them has mental problems. George is the normal one and he takes care of Lenny who is the one with problems. This book is a sweet, great story and will keep you interested.

Matt Carlsson

Of Mice and Men is a good novel. It’s a quick read that shouldn’t take you much time to finish. It’s filled with imagery and foreshadowing. There is also suspense around every corner. It has a shocking ending ending this is not for those who like happy endings.

Tyler Strano

I thought the novel Of Mice and Men was good. I liked Lenny’s character because he was funny. The only part that I didn’t like was how George never got to do his dream with Lenny. They never got to “life off the fat of the land.” I would recommend this book to students who like reading.

Mario Ferrari

The  best  book that I have read in school so far was Of Mice and Men. It was so easy to get into and made me want to read more. The story is great. There are funny, sad, and happy moments. It’s a mixture of everything and will be one of your favorites. You will especially love the characters. Lenny is the cutest.

Nina Mascali

If a kid came up and said that Of Mice and Men were stupid, I’d smack him. I love this book more every time I read it. I like the way the author describes everything. This is my favorite book that I have read in school.

T.J. Harcum