Amazon Kindle V.S. Barnes and Noble Nook

Kaitlin Hackett '14

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            Welcome to the Twenty-first Century, ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, one and all! We have touch screens, computers that are skinnier than a pencil, and electronic books! What will we think of next?

EBooks like the Kindle and the Nook  are electronic reading devices. In layman’s terms, it’s a tech savvy book. Instead of having to lug around a pound of pages, you carry around an eight ounce minicomputer substitute. This sounds weird, right? Maybe so, but having all the books at your fingertips at a touch of a button is pretty great.

The Kindle does not require a computer hook up. It is wireless so you can download books right to your Kindle anytime anywhere. In fact, you can download up to 2,500 books. You can even have the books read to you. Although it does run on battery life, this little device will stay charged for one whole month. The Kindle costs one hundred and forty dollars. It has three gigabits for storage of books and there is no glare on the screen. All in all, the Kindle is great to travel with, a great price, and very easy to operate.

When PC Magazine reviewed the Kindle, they said, “Simply put, it’s the best dedicated eBook reader you can buy.”

The Nook is almost exactly like the Kindle with the exception of looks and setup. The Nook is a bit more complicating to use, but nothing that cannot be learned. Because it has a touch screen and it is cutting-edge, it is one hundred and ninety nine dollars; more expensive than the Kindle. It has a couple faults. The color LCD drains its battery life, and it needs some updates on the firmware. The Nook, overall, is a fancier version of the Kindle.

            Whichever model you choose, ebooks are the Twenty-first Century items.