Apple Unleases New iPod Touch

John Cafasso '14

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            When Apple unleashed their barrage of new products a couple weeks ago, they also released their new updated iPod touch. You might be asking, why should I get the newest model? What does it have that will benefit me? It will benefit you in some way no matter who you are, and I’ll tell you exactly why.

            This version of Apple’s iPod touch comes with face-time downloaded onto it. With a tap of a button, you can start a video chat with a friend. All you need to do is enter your Apple Id and email address when you use it for the first time. Another requirement  is obviously a Wi-Fi connection. 

           When a person invites you, a notification pops up on your iPod touch or iPhone 4’s screen asking if you would like to join a chat. When accepted, that’s when face-time begins. It all works without any glitches. It also works in both a vertical view and a horizontal view.

           Also incorporated into the new iPod touch is a new retina display.  The screen packs 326 megapixels per inch. What this means is that there are 4 times as many pixels in the older models of iPod touches. These pixels are a mere 78 micrometers long. This makes for a smoother looking screen where you can’t notice any individual pixel. The picture is beautiful without a doubt.

            The light sensor on the new iPod adjusts by itself to set the appropriate amount of brightness on its LED screen. It also takes into consideration the amount of battery that is left. You read correctly.  The iPod adjusts its brightness by itself.

          This new iPod comes with a phenomenal high definition camera.  Along with that, it shares video editing that can be done directly on the iPod. It’s simple; you record and then right after, you can go in and edit from start to finish.

            For even more dynamic options, you can download iMovie and really go a step farther. This app can be purchased for $4.99.

            On top of a camera on the back, it also comes with a camera that is located above the screen. This means you can take pictures of yourself or with your friends without guessing if you’re in the picture any more.

            All media recorded on the touch can be seamlessly sent to YouTube, Facebook, MobileMe, or any other viral video hosting website.

            They didn’t leave gaming out of the picture when engineering the new iPod. To go along with  an A4 processor in this new model that is in the iPad and iPhone, they also have what is called Game Center.

            This A4 processor gives users a smoother and better looking experience. It makes all the difference in comparison to the older models of iTouches.  

            With the addition of the new app called  Game Center, users will now be able to pair up against their friends or other players online to play.

            Also, you can add friends to a friend’s list to easily request to play a game.

           This is all a great move for those who have used games on the iTouch, because these are features that will give them a way better experience.

          All around, Apple understood what they needed to change and did exactly what should have been done. The product is a sleeker, more efficient iTouch. If you are  looking for an mp3 player, look no further.

          These model iPod touches range from $229 to $399 depending on the amount of storage.