iTunes 10 Takes Over

Ashley Oliva '14

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It’s finally here, and it’s been taken to the next level! iTunes 10 has gone above and beyond. New additions including “Ping,” “AirPlay,” and audiobooks, have made iTunes 10 a completely different world.

Ping is a social network like Facebook and Twitter. You can “follow” your favorite artists and see the pictures, music, updates and links they upload within a matter of seconds. Also, Ping is a part of iTunes; it’s built right into the application. Therefore, you can access Ping anywhere.

If you’re not into the mainstream Lady GaGa, Katy Perry and Bruno Mars, you can always use Ping to see what your friends are doing. Ping allows you to see your friends’ personal updates along with the music they’ve been buying and the concerts they are going to see.

iTunes 10 has another new feature called AirPlay. AirPlay is a wireless connection to speakers so you can play your music from a far distance not just on an iHome. iTunes has also improved ways to sync your products from your computer to your iPhone, iPod or iPad. There is also a capacity bar at the bottom that tells you how much space you have left to fill and how much space each category is taking up. Along with that, songs are priced at just sixty nine cents, ninety nine cents, or a dollar twenty cents. You can also access the iTunes Store on almost any device.

Apple works continuously to improve their products. iTunes 10 just came out, and I have already been sent an update for iTunes 10.1. There’s always something to improve in their minds.