Three Comedy Movies Can Send Teens a Message

Jerrel Clarke '11

Comedy films are entertaining, but there are some lessons that can be applied to those in need. In the movies Step Brothers, The Hangover, and Grown Ups, there are some lessons that can apply to teenagers.

The Hangover is one of the most hilarious movies. I like how the actors play their roles and work together.. In the movie, there are a total of four friends as the main characters. One of the men is getting married, but they end up completely losing track of time with no memory of the party that was thrown the previous night. The groom ends up missing, which is the main point of the movie. Later on, it’s clear that they have been given pills that make them fall asleep. The lesson in this movie is that teens should not take drugs of any kind because it endangers their lives and health.

In Grown Ups, it has a ton of funny elements shown throughout the film. It shows that when five friends win a basketball game, they like to win. Near the end of the movie, they are challenged to a rematch, which took place at least 30 years later. They ended up losing because they need to learn that giving someone a victory who has never had one  is the right thing to do. For teens, they are going to learn that everything they do is not going to be a win for them. In the world, you either win or lose, but winning will not last all the time.

Step Brothers is another comical movie. In the film, two step brothers (ages 39 and 40) are living in their child-like fantasies. They were forced to come out of their childish ways because they are grown men. In this movie, the lesson is that when you are a teen and you start growing, you have to put away your child-like ways and start acting like a young adult when the time comes.

These movies are a good source of reference. Hopefully, teens will learn something when they watch them and  won’t look back on it with any regrets.