MacBook Pro remains one of the most prominent machines on the market

John Cafasso '11

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            Although released in spring of 2010, Apple’s MacBook Pro remains one of the most prominent machines on the market for laptop users. It has the same look and design, but some things have been changed internally.

            The processor was its most major improvement. Intel’s new line of quad core processors has been added to Apple’s firepower. This includes the new i5 and i7 processors ranging from 2.4 GHz to 2.8 GHz. The only problem with Apple’s new line of MacBook’s is that the 13 inch model only holds the older Intel dual core processors.

            So my best advice is if you’re interested in an Apple laptop, look to the 15 and 17 inch versions; you’re going to get one of the best processors on the market.

            The next great thing about these laptops is their design. A “unibody” encased aluminum body makes for a nice smooth, sturdy feel.

            What I first noticed most about it was just how much time and effort was put into the machine. Every little part from the backlighting keyboard to the track pad was made to the point of near perfection.

            The graphics card is also been revamped. This line of MacBook Pro’s have either the Nvidia integrated 320M card or the 330M card. Most will say that they wouldn’t want to use a MacBook Pro to play PC games on it, but I would tell them to take a second look. My experience of  gaming on mine has been pretty solid.

            Another great aspect is that it’s not a heavy laptop. Weighing in to about 5.5 to 6.2 pounds, you can carry it around with ease.

            What I found overall is that Apple made one of the finest laptop computers on the market today, regardless of what your usage will be. It’s excellent for video editing, gaming, light tasks, and virtually any other purpose.

            I have yet to have a problem with battery life. For me just like most people, that’s crucial. Apple estimates around a 10 hour battery life, but that, of course, depends on your usage.

            About the only negative on this product is the price tag. Costs range from $ 1,199 to $2,299 based on screen size and specifications.

            So if you are searching the market for a quality laptop computer, I strongly suggest you at least take a look at Apple’s spring 2010 line of MacBook Pros.  Although the price is a bit steep, this notebook will last you a good amount of time.

            If you are on the fence about it like I was, I urge you to at least go out to your local Best Buy or Mac store to at least take a quick look and get a taste of the experience.