RiverWinds Restaurant is pricey but delicious

Kelli Tachdjian '14

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            The restaurant features a decorative front with beautiful wood carved doors with scenes of sailboats. Outside the landscaping fits well with the theme and color scheme.  All of the plants are beautiful when bloomed and give the restaurant a cozy feel. Though I visited in the winter time, when I would run around the perimeter of the Riverwinds complex in the summer, I could see the bloomed flowers and the trees surrounding them.

            There is also a canopy at the entrance so you can get into and out of your car while staying dry in the rain.

When you walk into the restaurant, you are greeted by the fabulous staff and more wonderful décor.

            The entrance way has a lovely quaint waterfall running down the side to your right and directly in front of you is the bar. The chandelier is made out of glass dyed the color blue.

Inside the seats are very comfortable and the silverware is fit for a king. The view is down right amazing. The restaurant looks over the Delaware River, and as the sun glistens over the water, it’s a breathtaking moment.

The elegant place settings lay perfectly over the wood tables, and there is enough room between the tables so you can walk without bumping into other tables.

If you are holding a banquet, there is a separate room with a projector and a podium.

Now  for the food–what can I say? It’s magnificent! From the seafood bar which features raw and chilled seafood to the steak bar with delicious meats, you’ll want to eat forever.

The chef specializes in seafood and is very good at it too. If you are not the seafood type, they have a variety of other American cuisines. When the food comes out, it looks beautiful. They have great selections to choose from that you won’t know what you want when the waiter comes around.  Also the desserts are to die for!

The only negative comments about RiverWinds Restaurant are that the back patio is too bland. I feel it needs something more added to it so it matches the elegance of the front. Second, although the food tastes great but it is on the pricier side.

My experience was great, and if you decide to visit the restaurant, you will have a excellent experience too.

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