CES 2011 showcases new technology

By John Cafasso '11

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                The 44th annual Consumer Electronics Show or better known as CES, started this year on January 6th and ended on January 9th. It is an invitation for electronic consumers to get a glimpse of the new technology made by manufacturers. It’s equally a chance for the companies to put out their newest and most impressive product to hype it as much as possible. This is the same event responsible for the introduction and first look at some very popular products such as Microsoft’s Xbox, the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), and the Blu-ray disc just to name a few.

                There was a clear cut distinction between who really made strides this CES and who didn’t. Let’s begin with the winners.

                Samsung came out on top in my eyes bringing an impressive lineup of products. Their biggest addition was their “Smart TV.” Its design is built behind the idea of increasing the standard of living. The TV adds online applications such as Hulu, YouTube, and Netflix to name just a few. It is, of course, able to give a 3D picture in full 1080p.

                Also, they released a laptop that will rival Apple’s MacBook Air. It is the 9 series Samsung notebook. It has a 13.3 inch screen, 2.9 pounds in weight, and .68 inches thick. That makes this the lightest 13 inch laptop on the market today.

                A big winner also this year was Motorola.

                Their newest phone named the “Atrix 4G” was all around the best smart phone added to the convention. It holds a revolutionary dual core processor inside, the first ever to do so.

                Motorola promises that the battery will hold about 8 hours, which is about the time taken during a flight from New York to London.

                The other neat feature they presented was the “Webtop” application. This essentially will be able to turn the phone into a “smart-book.”

                Motorola also made a big splash with their new tablet PC  named the “Xoom.” Like the Atrix 4G, it will hold a dual core processor.

                It also brings a 10.1 inch HD display, and the newest version of Google’s operating system Android.

                Another impressive performer this year at CES was LG.

                They released their new smart phone, the Revolution. Holding a 4.3 inch screen and capable of 4G connection.  It is very similar to the Spring Evo and newest Thunderbolt.

                In efforts to battle with Google and Apple, they also let out a brand new product to organize your television watching experience with the “Smart TV Upgrader.

                This allows televisions to stream media from sources like the NHL, MLB, Hulu, YouTube and so forth. It’ll be interesting to see if it becomes more popular than Google TV or Apple TV.

                CES 2011 gave us a lot to look forward to, and, of course,  there is a lot more that I didn’t include. Be sure to check out all the latest news regarding the products that will be on the market soon.