Saladworks is a tastier way to a healthier life

By Kaitlin Hackett '14

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            Everyone is health conscious these days. Health food establishments are popping up all over.

            These days, everyone wants to be healthier. We see the word organic much more in our daily lives, especially with the New Year’s only a few weeks ago. People want to look good in the summer so they start dieting now to lose the weight.

            Saladworks is a salad bar that is widely popular. The idea for a Saladworks was thought of by John Scardapane in 1986. He was working as a gourmet chef at a southern New Jersey country club when he first thought of this restaurant.  John Scardapane had the idea that salads should be made to order, assembled in front of the customers’ eyes. He felt the lettuce should be chopped on location, and all of it be fresh. This is how Saladworks operates; he stayed true to his word.

            Everyone wants to be healthy, and eating here will help you get to the weight you want to be at or help you achieve what you want to accomplish. On the Saladworks menu, there is a great variety of food.. From salads to focaccia fusions (sandwiches), they have it all. And all of it gets the same amount of attention as the other, so everything gets made with careful hands. Health food does not always have to taste bad, and in this case, it definitely does not.

            Saladworks is a little on the expensive side with a plain salad costing seven dollars and seventy-five cents, and the sandwiches costing the same amount. It is worth the money; the servings are entrée sized, just like how Scardapane wanted it.

            With big flavor and big serving, this restaurant is a very good, healthy alternative.

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