New England Patriots clinch the AFC East Division


By Brooke Rattay ‘16

The New England Patriots football team is one of the most known and talked about football teams from their Super Bowl victories to the time when they were caught cheating by videotaping the other team’s game plans. But that could be considered their only low point in Patriot’s history.

So far this year, the New England Pats have 10-3 streak going on. But their most recent big win was against the Miami Dolphins where they clinched their division. Even though the game wasn’t the smoothest game the Patriots have ever played, it still came out successful.

They won the game with a 23-16 win over the Dolphins even with no scoring in the third quarter and only four field goals in the fourth quarter. This was the Patriot’s least efficient game of the season; Tom Brady (Patriots quarterback) even threw an interception and got sacked four times. But the Dolphins made worse mistakes, and the Patriots knew how to take advantage of them/

At that time the Patriots have won six consecutive games, which assured their 12th winning season in a row, but Dolphins had lost for the fifth consecutive time. Both teams agreed after the game that this game wasn’t easy to play or win but the Dolphin’s coach Joe Philibin said, “Too many mistakes. To beat a good opponent in December, you have to play better.” That statement is true for every team in the NFL.

The game was a finger-nail-biting game; the ball was constantly back and forth between the teams. Watching Tom Brady get sacked and throw an interception made me want to rip my hair out, but I knew the Patriots would come out on top as usual.

It is always a nail-biting, hair-pulling, teary-eyed game when the Patriots play. They seem to wait until after half time to actually play and try to win. The opposing team thinks they are ahead, and then out of nowhere the Patriots will burst through and knock out the competition usually ending up with a high score. For example, their division winning game of 23-16, Miami only had a two-minute lead before Brady led his team to sweet, sweet victory.