Albom’s The Time Keeper is a tear-jerker

By Lisa Lessig '14

Did you ever wonder how time keeping started?  Or who the first person was to discover that an amount of time can be counted? Or why we keep time? Or what life would be like without time keeping? Well, Mitch Albom has the answers. Mitch Albom is a successful author who started out as a sports writer and eventually wrote award winning non-fiction and fiction books.  He has written quite a few books including the widely known Tuesdays with Morrie. His most recent book is called The Time Keeper.

My mother knew what a fan I was of this writer. I had told her about the book before it came out and how I wanted it. My birthday just happen to be right around the day it came out, so for a birthday present my mom had bought the book for me the day it went on sale.

The Time Keeper is a fiction story about the struggles through people’s life with time. The book has three main characters–Dor, Sarah Lemons, and Victor. The book revolves around Dor, a man who lived 6,000 years ago and the first person who starts to count time. He is soon punished for doing this and is sentenced to be a time keeper, where he sits in a cave and listens to people plea for more time. Sarah is a regular teenage girl who is in love with a boy named Ethan, and she finds that he doesn’t love her back. Victor is the fourteenth richest man in the world who just wants to live forever and will try whatever it takes.

When I received the book, I already knew what I was getting into because most of Albom’s books are similar in the way that he writes, filled with many clichés and life lessons.  Not that I am complaining because I enjoy them. When I saw this book in particular, it piqued my interest above most of his books because for the first time in one of Albom’s books, he uses a girl main character. The girl also has to share the spotlight with two other guy main characters. The only problem with the girl character is that Albom had captured too much of her helplessness throughout the book. Sarah reminded me of myself and I’m sure many other girls at a younger age, confused and love struck.

I enjoyed Dor in this book because he was a good man to his wife when he was with her, and he was smart. Although Dor was smart, he managed to make a big mistake when he turned the world around by counting each moment and not enjoying them. Victor, on the other hand, wanted to live forever because he was dying, and he didn’t have long. His wife just wanted to be with him and be happy, but all Victor saw was money signs, and all he cared about was himself and his money.

Throughout the book, there were a lot of parts I had to stop and think about. Albom’s books make you question everything about your life and offer valuable life lessons and helps the reader in everyday situations.  I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys dramatic, tear-jerking books. All of Albom’s book could make you cry, not just because of how sad they are, but because of how beautifully they are written. This book is a short read, but well worth it because of the many situations that will pull on your heart strings.