Get a taste of the sea

By Inese Wingate '13

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As my friends and I walk in, we see bright lights and hear loud music that we can feel thumping through the floors as we walk. As we get all the way inside, we see colored lights shining down from the ceiling above. We then see people gathered around a circle, which covers the entire area where all the customers are seated, and they are dancing, and we realize it’s the staff. They are dancing to the Macarena as the customers eat and watch them.

            This was the scene when my friends and I went to Joe’s Crab Shack on a Friday night. It was very crowded that night. Since a lot of people wanted to eat there, there was a pretty decent wait.

            Joe’s Crab Shack is located at 2000 Clements Bridge Road in Deptford, New Jersey. It’s not too far from the mall and other shopping centers and stores located on Deptford Center Road.

            It was an hour wait, but it was worth it because my friends and I really wanted to go. Two of us had never been there before; and the other two just really enjoyed eating there.

            It looks very pleasant in the inside of the restaurant. When you walk in, there’s a waiting area. Then when you walk farther into the restaurant, there’s the area where the customers are seated.

            The whole area where the customers are seated is very nice and spacious. The tables aren’t too close together and neither are the chairs that are seated at each table. In the area behind the space where the customers eat is the kitchen where the food is cooked. Ahead of the kitchen and to the left is where the restrooms are located. Everything is in easy access.

Joe’s Crab Shack has excellent service. Once we were inside, we were immediately assigned a waiter who took us to be seated. Then he took our drinks order. He was back with our drinks within two minutes.

            Our waiter was very nice and friendly; he was also very sociable and kept conversations going with us each time he stopped by to check on us. All the other waiters and waitresses appeared to be just as friendly and pleasant to be around and demonstrated an equal amount of good service.

            A lot of choices are available on the menu at Joe’s Crab Shack. Food ranging from shrimp, crabs, and lobsters to chicken, french fries, and shrimp is available to eat. If you plan to eat at Joe’s Crab Shack, then you should expect to pay a decent amount of money because their food isn’t cheap.

            A lot of the food choices are at least twenty dollars, and the drinks are at least three or four dollars.

            Although most of the food choices on the menu are twenty dollars or more, there are still some food choices that are under twenty dollars.

A lot of the food choices from the fish category offered meals that were less expensive. These included meals named  Blackened Redfish, Redfish Orleans, Orange Tarragon Mahi, Maui Mahi, Simply Grilled Salmon, Get Stuffed Snapper, Redfish Pontchartrain, Fish & Chips, and Grilled Sunset Salmon.
            They also ordered food choices that included shrimp, scallops, crabs, steak, chicken, chicken tenders, chipotle burgers, and fries which were all also platters or meals served that are under twenty dollars.

            Entertaining their customers is another thing that they’re big on. They have a special way to entertain their customers while they wait for their food or eat their food. Every half hour while we were there, all the waiters and waitresses came out and stopped what they were doing to dance for the customers.

            They would play a song that people can dance to as a group, and then they would all dance together. Some of the songs that they danced to were the “Cupid Shuffle,” the “Macarena,” and the “Cha-Cha Slide.”

            When I went, I ordered a dish called Steak and Malibu Shrimp, which consisted of a sirloin steak served alongside Malibu shrimp topped with mango pico and white rice and seasoned vegetables. This meal was $18.49.  I also ordered a side of clam chowder soup with oyster crackers. All the food I had ordered was to my liking and tasted absolutely delicious.

            I had also had some baked fish fillet from one of my friend’s plates and also some cooked calamari from one of my other friend’s plates, which tasted equally as good as my own food.

            My one friend and I had ordered virgin pina coladas while my other two friends had ordered virgin strawberry daiquiris. We all tried one of our friend’s drinks. Both drinks were good, but the pina coladas were just a tad too sweet. My friend and I who had ordered them had to drink some water after we drank them because they were so sweet they irritated our throats after a while. Otherwise, everything was made well and tasted excellent.

            Joe’s Crab Shack is a very pleasant and enjoyable place to eat.. They have excellent service, and the food is just as good.. I would definitely recommend it to people to try if they have not already been there and are looking for a nice decent place to eat or somewhere new to try.

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