Prisoners has lots of suspense, twists, and mystery

By Briana Witkowski '16

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The movie Prisoners directed by Denis Villeneuve recently came out in movie theaters. The trailer seemed very interesting and made me want to watch it without waiting for it to come out on DVD. I searched online for a free copy of it, found one and watched it. This movie is about two little girls who get abducted in their neighborhood on Thanksgiving. The one girl’s dad goes nuts doing everything in his power to find his little girl and her friend.

There were so many twists and spine-shivering moments. Almost every ten minutes there was something in the movie making me feel anxious about what was going to happen next. Even though the movie was 145 minutes long, and it was getting late, I stayed up just to finish watching it. It was that good. If you like movies with suspense, lots of twists, and mystery, this movie is one you have to see! The ending was emotional and very shocking and unexpected. Prisoners is the type of movie to keep you wanting more. If you like movies like that, this one is worth watching. Two thumbs up.