Where to find the perfect Homecoming dress

By Jennie Rutkowski ‘15

In order to get ready to the big event, young girls will be crowding the stores, looking at all the dresses and hoping to be different from the others.  Homecoming is fast approaching, and the girls can’t wait.  It’s difficult to do so when some shop at the same store and have similar taste. Luckily, there is a variety of stores to go to that are different from the rest.

The shops that look out for these girls and try their best to have a large stock just the best for them to choose from would be Macy’s, Rissy Roos, and David’s Bridal. There are many other stores to go to, but I had an experience with these stores that can’t beat the rest.

Macy’s was the first place I looked. I didn’t go to just any Macy’s, but went all the way to Philadelphia, PA. The store was huge from the outside view, but even larger from the inside. Security was guarding each entrance and was always on alert. It was not too hard to find where the dresses were, but the problem came when looking for the ones for Homecoming. Their selections of dresses were lovely and different, just not meant for a Homecoming. Some were too formal; some were too casual.

I was finally directed to look at the junior section known as Impulse. The people who worked in that section weren’t very helpful. The sad part is the site was easier to navigate and find dresses than the store itself was. After exploring the whole second floor, we eventually found the juniors and many of the dresses were more appropriate for my age. It was a small selection and a bit disappointing at first. Their site showed more choices than the store carried, and it was hard to trust ordering the right size online. The dresses ranged from short to long or short in the front and long in the back. Each had different designs and came in ranges of color depending on the dress designer. There were pinks, blues, yellows, and more, but each dress seemed to have black in it as the skirt or top. The dresses weren’t too formal, yet not formal enough for a Homecoming. A woman in that department was kind enough to help with choosing a dress, offering a good opinion and was helpful when bringing them over. Each one I tried on was comfortable, but it was hard to find the right size and color. It is also good to check the dresses for stains when picking them off the rack as I spotted a big brown stain on the top of one of the black dresses on the rack. Despite that, it was a good place to check and worth the trip.

At David’s Bridal, I wasn’t sure what to expect. When I hear David’s Bridal, I don’t hear homecoming, but the bells of matrimony. Walking in for the first time, I was surprised to see the small selection for a small store, but they were the right dresses for Homecoming and were all different in their own way. The dresses also came in a range of colors such as pink, blue, purple, and a few others. Just like the dresses at Macy’s, the way they were designed in length was the same, but the designs were different. They all looked almost new, like they were brand new stock. I tried on many and each one was comfortable, if only a size too small. The workers were very helpful as they make sure I and the other customers were happy and satisfied. They offered opinions and even suggested dresses and made sure they had me all set with accessories. If I had something in mind that wasn’t at their store, they would look in their system to check every store in the United States to see if it was in stock elsewhere. Overall, it was a good experience and better search than at Macy’s.

Rissy Roo’s website at first seemed like the perfect place to look for Homecoming dresses. Their online advertisements promote Prom and Homecoming dresses. Rissy Roo’s website is very easy to navigate and has a wonderful selection. They come in a variety of colors and designs, similar to what David’s Bridal and Macy’s offered, but better. Their prices were expensive though to look good for just one night. The dress would really have to be worth it.

All these stores were ones that I explored. Each one had its own selection of Homecoming dresses, and if I had to go from least to greatest, it would have to go by Macy’s, David’s Bridal, and Rissy Roo’s. They’re all worth a visit though. All have wonderful dresses, and each store is different from the other.