Vans or Converse: Which do you prefer?

By Valerie Palmer ‘14

Two very popular shoe brands have made a fashion statement in America and even worldwide–Converse and Vans. Both are simple and stylish and go with just about every outfit.

Now the question is, which do the students of West Deptford High prefer–Vans or Converse? According to an online article called “Social Media Shoes Duel: Vans vs. Converse in an Analytical Walk” by Sarah Gottschling, both remain very popular with today’s trends.

The article states that Converse has 37 million Facebook fans, almost 350,000 Twitter followers, and almost 27,000 YouTube subscribers. Whereas Vans has 12.6 million Facebook fans, almost 340,000 Twitter followers, and 40,000 YouTube subscribers.

Vans “Off The Wall” offers several different types of shoes including those for snow, BMX, surf, skate and more. Since the brand was created in 1966, Vans has sold an estimated 10 million shoes worldwide. Every year Vans holds a concert called the Vans Warped Tour, where big name musicians come to perform and brings together thousands of Vans lovers.

A lover of the Vans brand, junior Keriann Pfleger has a distinct preference. “I prefer Vans because Converses aren’t wide enough for my feet. They are simple and they match everything. I just like them more than Converse,” Pfleger said.

Converse offers several different types of shoes, of which the Chuck Taylors, (named after the creator), are the most popular. Since their debut in 1908, Converse has sold over 655 million shoes worldwide. That’s a lot of shoes. Converse slogan is “Shoes are boring. Wear sneakers.” Simple, yet sophisticated.

Converse lover, senior Mackenna Angert, fell in love with Converse, rather than Vans. “I prefer Converse because they are cooler looking and the bottom is smaller, so the shoe is more comfortable. I own Converse, but I feel like you can only have Converse or Vans, you can’t have both. It’s just against shoe rules!” Angert said.

Junior Kiersten Cooper is a lover of both Vans and Converse, but her love for Vans edges out Converse by just a hair. “I owned both shoes. I used to love Converse until I was introduced to Vans. I prefer Vans, because they are more versatile and easier to customize than Converse. They are a simple shoe with a style that is compatible with most trending styles; they have it all,” Cooper said.


According to the article “Social Media Shoes Duel: Vans vs. Converse in an Analytical Walk,” Converse were more popular on Facebook and YouTube, whereas Vans were more popular on Twitter. The article states that Vans are most likely more popular on Twitter due to the entire buzz about the Vans Warped Tour.

The article also states that both shoes do an excellent job at using social media to promote their brand, but Converse is a little more successful in reaching its fans through social media. “But in the end, you are the consumer and you decide which footwear gets to protect and also adorn your feet,” Gottschling said.