New iPhones lack wow factor

By Jarah Barquero ‘19

The brand new iPhone 6s and 6s plus are on their way to stores and ready to be sold with all of its new upgrades. However, the real problem is—are iPhones getting too old that they are just another iPhone?

All of these new features—3D touch, longer battery life, brand new camera, force-touch technology—all seem great but some people are arguing that they are not that important to have and that Steve Jobs would agree. Most likely because they said the new iPhone probably will not have customers get their same “wow” reaction to these upgrades.

As USA Today claims, “But this isn’t Jobs’ Apple, whose era was marked by breathless announcements to stampeding attendees. This time around, guests started leaving even while the closing act, One Republic, was still performing.” Now this definitely has to say something about these new Apple products. They are turning into a bore, and sooner or later everyone will be sick of them and move on to the next big thing. Without Jobs, the whole Apple crew is really struggling to retain all of the “wow” reactions when a new Apple device comes out.

Some even say other Apple devices are better than the iPhone itself, like the Apple TV, but not so much the new iPad once customers see the price of $800, and customers can also buy the new Apple Pen with it for another $100, along with the smart keyboard for $169. By rounding all of these numbers up, the price for these three things together will be about $1,070. While the two new iPhones costs from $199-$499 with a two-year contract. Maybe Apple isn’t really a bore…Maybe they’re just priced too high and nobody is interested on buying them.

USA Today also states, that none of Apple’s launches are truly new. I agree with this because it seems like they are taking other ideas and making it their own. “Perhaps next time Apple will have the fanfare for truly new product launches.” For example, there’s already the Surface Pro 3—a tablet with a smart keyboard and stylus pen all together, costing less than an Apple iPad Pro itself.

These prices are a little too high myself because if the prices were lower, there would be more interest in the new iPhones. Also, these new features seem great and all, but is that new camera really important to people? Is new upgrades to the camera, such as zoom and live cameras really that important to people? People don’t care about small details like that. They are only looking for a nice camera that isn’t blurry and has HD values.

Others even say that Apple products “aren’t reinventing the world anymore.” I wonder if this was what Steve Jobs would do, but perhaps not because ever since he passed, Apple truly hasn’t been the same. Are the people just mad about the high prices or is Apple really becoming a total bore to the world now?