Social Media Review

By Tommy Gasparovic ‘23

In today’s day and age, everyone has social media. Social media apps are filled with teens who are on them all the time. Teens run the internet. You can go to any social media site and find them. Teens are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Snapchat, TikTok, etc. You can’t scroll through any of these without seeing a post from a teenager. Sometimes, it’s teens who make these social media sites too. For example, Mark Zuckerburg, the founder of Facebook, was 19 when he created the site. When someone this young creates a site like this, they know how to make it appealing to younger audiences which causes the popularity from the teens.
Like I mentioned above, Facebook was created by a 19-year-old Mark Zuckerburg. Personally, I don’t use Facebook, but I know that my mom uses it a lot and so do all of her friends. Facebook does not have as many teens on the website compared to other social medias because it is an older site and more adults use it. None of my friends use Facebook a lot if at all. Most teens feel as if this app is for adults, and it does not really appeal to them, and that is why there aren’t many teens on that website.
Twitter is a more simple social media app that is easy for someone to navigate through and communicate with. This app is not one where someone would scroll through for hours, but just to check if someone posted anything that day about themselves. I have Twitter and I use it to follow some celebrities and the school’s sports accounts. It isn’t an app that I use daily, but something that I would click on to see if there is anything interesting in my recommended section or to see how everyones’ lives are going. I know a lot of my friends have it, but they don’t use it for a lot of time in a day. I know that student-athletes use this app to check in on their sport and to see what its status is in the offseason or in season if there is a cancelled game or anything like that. A lot of teens have this app, but they aren’t active on it.
Instagram is very popular among teens. This app has everything from sports to gaming to comedy. Teens are all over this site and are very active. I know personally, I get caught up in the section of “videos you might like” because they are all interesting and they are cool videos about sports. I could see one video on there and keep scrolling for hours and not notice how long it has been. I know that all of my friends have Instagram and use it daily. Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites among teens and tons of teenagers use it on a daily basis. What is interesting, though, is that both teens and adults use this site a lot, and it appeals to both age groups. Some adults and teens even run businesses off of instagram like my cousin does and uses the site as a main way to promote their items.
Snapchat is the most popular social media app for teens. When I look at my screen time in settings, it is always in the top three most used apps. I average an hour and a half to two hours a day on the app and nine to ten hours a week. I know that I don’t use it as much as some of my friends do either. Sometimes my friends will be on Snapchat for three to four hours per day. This is arguably the most used app by teens. The app is used to call, text, video chat and send pictures and videos. That’s where they came up with the name Snapchat, being able to snap pictures and chat with friends. Being able to post on your story for anyone to see is a cool feature, and then if there are celebrities or creators on the app, you can subscribe to them and you can see their story whenever they post. I know that most of my friends use Snapchat instead of texting or calling with their phone’s features, they use the app. This app is definitely in the top three apps used by teens.
Lastly, there is TikTok. This app took the world by storm. It quickly rose up to be one of the most popular apps between young kids all the way up to young adults. This app is in a battle with Snapchat and YouTube to be the most popular app. It is an interesting app that you can spend hours on watching random videos of people dancing, telling stories or going on adventures. It is filled with videos in every category, so anyone can enjoy the app. Videos on here range from sports to dances to dark humor. What really helped Tik Tok grow in popularity so fast is that it is so similar to two other very popular apps that were shut down. Vine and were apps that grew just like TikTok, but shut down because they were old. TikTok seems more popular then both now because it can have videos about anything while the other apps were mostly music and comedy.
I think that in the future, social media will be very popular like it is today, but different apps will rise up and replace the popular ones today. These apps are a part of a lot of teenagers’ lives today and it does not seem like that will change. It is hard to see social media going away because it is so popular. Teenagers today can spend up to twenty or thirty percent of their day on social media, and I think that number could possibly rise going into the future. With social media being the way most teens communicate while at home, I think it will stay in their lives. Some changes I think the future will bring for social media is that there will be more apps and more features like being able to watch something together at the same time while on a call with others to talk about the video or movie.