Social Media Review

By Noe’ Brown '23

Social media is very popular with teens. They are able to communicate and send pictures to each other. The pictures could be taken in the middle of them doing something or it can be a picture of someone else. Teens have fun on social media because they get to be creative and work together with their friends. It is also popular for its convenience because it is easier to communicate with someone on Snapchat than to visit their house and physically talk to them.
Facebook is popular, but since it has the chance to give out your location or where you are in any one span of time, it really isn’t all that popular anymore. Facebook can show you pictures of what other people are doing and they can be having lots of fun in the picture, but you are not. It could make you feel sad or envious that you are not there to do it. Facebook isn’t really used by young people now, but more so older people. I think it is weird that your location can be tracked on it.
I don’t use Twitter or any social media because social media causes so much grief, pain, and misery for all the teenagers who get into it. Teens cause completely avoidable problems on social media such as Twitter. Twitter is probably used more than Facebook by teens, but is still not really common for teens to use. The fact that you only write a certain amount of words is inconvenient if you want to explain something that requires more than 140 characters.
I don’t like Instagram at all. There are weird people on that site and they shouldn’t be on that site since they are kids on it. The app itself should be restricted teen used, and allowed to be used by all. Teens take pictures of themselves to part of the group and to follow the group. They want to look cool and be cool when they really don’t need to do that. Instagram just has something about it that I don’t like.
Snapchat in my eyes is almost the same as Instagram, and I could care less about both of the apps. I don’t know how Snapchat works or how Instagram works. I don’t really like social media platforms such as them because they cause so many problems. Teens have to juggle with their internet life, and they think that life is important when it really shouldn’t be important or matter once so ever, but it does apparently. I don’t use social media because I just don’t like it.
TikTok is the worst of them all in my opinion. I don’t like it because of all the content that is on it. It is just pure stupidity and that quality is one thing I really hate. I hate TikTok the most out of all the social media platforms. I think it is just an object of distraction, and that it really isn’t necessary. I don’t get what makes it popular in the first place. I don’t understand why people would want to use things like these and I don’t understand why they exist.
Social media just like every other thing will evolve and how it will be that I do not know. I do know that it will exist in a form that is similar, but different to the existing ones. Maybe it will work better, or maybe it will be worse than anything else. What if it just infects all of our brains? I really don’t know nor do I care for how social media will change. I just do not have such a concern for social media since I have stayed away from it.