Social Media Review

By Kaden Biel '23

The heavy sheet that hides the truth will be lifted, and the hand of greed which closes the commoner’s eyes will be removed. In the last two to three decades, technology has advanced significantly whereas morals have degraded exponentially. Of the many unfortunate ‘innovations’ of the last 20 years, social media ranks as the most unfortunate of all. Corporations have managed to get an entire generation addicted to this fad and are pushing their immoral consumerist agenda on an impressionable population. Ask an American teenager if they use social media, and they will most likely respond with a ‘yes.’ Social media plagues the western world, but soon that will end.
Facebook took over as the predominant social media during the late 2000s and early 2010s. It was started as a way of easy communication between Mark Zuckerberg and other college students. Later, Zuckerberg would release his creation to the public to where it was wildly successful. The new social media made Zuckerberg a “household name” and a multi-millionaire. Facebook is more benign when compared to other social medias, but that doesn’t make it innocent. In more recent years, Facebook has been found to silence unpopular but truthful opinions. Hopefully, as with every other social media, Facebook falls into irrelevance.
Twitter, perhaps the most vile of social medias. Twitter was founded in 2006, but never took off until the decline of Facebook. Twitter since then has become an echo chamber of immoral ideologies. Twitter is perhaps the worst social media
Instagram is a fair social media, perhaps the best of this bunch. Instagram was launched in 2010 by Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom. Instagram launched to great success and is the primary factor in the decline of Facebook. Facebook currently owns Instagram, which will probably lead it to its downfall. Instagram is a decent social media with an actual variety of users. The site will most likely last for another few years.
Snapchat is a convenient but vile site. Snapchat was launched in 2011 by three friends. It’s launch was successful, also contributing to the downfall of Facebook. Snapchat lets one easily message friends and the like, but the explore page is where the problem lies. It does not take much looking there to realize that it is infested by greedy corporations that push their degenerative and immoral ideas upon even young children. I do not think Snapchat will make it through the next few years.
There is not much to say about TikTok. The app was originally launched in 2017 in China, but released worldwide in 2017. TikTok’s launch was very successful in the west; perhaps too successful. TikTok can be one of two things. The first thing being an experiment by the Chinese government to see how easy it is to control American youth; or it can be the Chinese government using a dancing app as a front for a massive spy operation where they collect American information. Do not trust TikTok.
Social media will most definitely change in the future. Though, social media’s fate is tied directly to that of society’s. If people open their eyes and society collapses, there will be no more social media. If society stays the same and people stay blind, social media will continue to evolve and have even more control over the average person. One thing is for sure, social media will not last forever.