Be Kind to Everyone

By Kylie Gill '23

A book that inspired me and taught me life lessons was The Body of Christopher Creed. One lesson that I learned was to be kind to everyone because you never know what they are going through. Chris didn’t have the best life at both home and school. At school, he was bullied, made fun of, and ridiculed because he was different. He didn’t have many friends or really anyone to talk to. His home-life was bad, too. His mom was a “neat freak” and didn’t let him live a normal teenage life. If people were possibly nice to him, maybe he wouldn’t have killed himself or run away. Another lesson I learned from this story is don’t judge someone because of their popularity or money situation. In their school, everyone is very separated. There are a lot of stereotypes and bullying. The “popular kids” rule the school and make fun of people because they are poor or aren’t popular. If they would have been nice they may have prevented some of the things that happened in the story. The final lesson I learned from The Body of Christopher Creed is that friendships help you thrive in life. As we learn, many of the characters had a bad home life. Having friends can help you have fun and they give you a shoulder to cry on.