Bullying Destroys a Person Physically and Mentally

By Joshua Owen '23

When reading The Body of Christopher Creed, one of the biggest lesson I learned was that bullying someone can not only hurt them physically, but it also destroys them mentally too. This was shown in the story in the many times Christopher Creed was bullied by the older kids all through his school years until it eventually came to the point in which he ran away. Bullying not only leads to kids just getting physically hurt, but also so mentally hurt that they end up committing suicide. This is why we should stop bullying before it gets too far because as stated in the book if it is not taken care of it can lead to someone running away or even worse. Yet another life lesson I learned from this book was to never judge a book by its cover. In this book the main character thinks of a guy named Bo as a low life who doesn’t care about anyone but himself. But as the story goes on he learns that Bo actually is the one taking care of his siblings and watches out for many that he cares about. This is a very good life lesson I learned from the book because without it you will never be able to meet new people. Finally the last life lesson I learned from the book was to always be kind to others you don’t know. In multiple cases of the book the main character would judge someone before he even met him, bringing him to not like them. I do this a lot and I feel it is a good idea to stop because you can open up to many people if you do. If you go on to open up to people instead of shut them out you can create new friendships you never knew about before. This lesson could bring you to find new people and become a better person than you were before. These lessons had a big impact on me and have changed the way I look at certain people.