Family Will Always Be There

By Lexy Yeager '23

The Miracle Worker has taught so many people amazing life lessons. One lesson that I have learned from this text is to never give up. Helen Keller was blind and deaf, and she struggled very hard when it came to communication. Her teacher also struggled very hard when it came to teaching her sign language and what objects around her were. It became very hard for her teacher at some points, to the point where she wanted to quit, but she never did. Helen’s teachers’ hard work paid off very much because in the end Helen was able to say her first word, “Water.” A second lesson I have learned from The Miracle Worker is to disregard the negative things said from other people about yourself. When Helen was growing up, people would try their best to avoid her and not want to be around her just because of her disability. Even if Helen could not notice it, it was still occurring. Helen was always different than the other children and struggled to make friends, but she still accomplished much more in life than them, and that has taught me to never listen to what other people say because you can get back at them by doing better things. The last thing I was taught was that no matter what happens with family, they will always be there even if no one else is. Helen’s family went through a lot growing up with someone who could not control themselves, and express what they want, but they did a great job of handling it. Her family never gave up on her, and even through times when they wanted to give up, they never did. The Miracle Worker has taught me so many amazing life lessons, and inspired me in so many ways.