Never Stress Out About the Small Stuff in Your Life

By Alicia Schiavo '23

One of the works that had an inspiration on me was Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer. While reading this book, I learned many lessons, but there were three that really stood out and caught my attention the most. One of the lessons I learned from the book is that you should always keep your goal in sight and never give up. It’s especially important to keep that goal with you now because even though we are required to stay inside, we can still plan our goals ahead of time and complete them later. Another lesson I was able to learn is that you should never stress out about the small stuff in your life. Stressing out about small things can put a lot of pressure on a person when all he or she needs to worry about is if that problem will matter next week, next month, or at any time that is important to that person. The final but most special lesson I learned from this book is that you should always find happiness in your struggles. Alexander Supertramp struggled greatly during his journey, but he found happiness after he experienced those struggles because they taught him a lesson on how to handle them in a better way. If you learn from your struggles and figure out why you went through them, you can gain happiness from it because now you know what to do if it might happen a second time or someone is going through the same problem.