Push Through the Next Challenge

By Briella Bengel '23

One of the works I have read that affected me was The Miracle Worker by William Gibson. In everyone’s life certain things can be difficult to deal with. When this happens to me, and I feel it is something I can’t do or feel as if it’s too difficult, then I might give up. Reading The Miracle Worker made me rethink just giving up. Seeing how far Helen came throughout the story and never gave up inspired me to push through the next challenge I face. Not only did the story inspire me to push through the next challenge, but it made me grateful for what I have. Throughout reading the whole story, I kept trying to think about what it would actually be like to be deaf-blind. I couldn’t imagine it. I don’t think before reading this story I ever thought about how grateful and lucky I was to have my sight and hearing because I never really thought about what it would be like without them. It’s a given to me, but not everyone has it. With Helen being deaf-blind and accomplishing all she did in her life made me feel like I can accomplish so much too if I really try. Overall, The Miracle Worker was a greatly inspiring and enjoyable story for me to read.