Real Friends Will Be There For You

By Olivia Brasberger '23

The Body of Christopher Creed By Carol Plum-Ucci taught me several lessons throughout the book. As the main character, Torey Adams investigates his friend’s disappearance, he makes a few trust-worthy friends. These friends are always there to help Torey accomplish his goal while also making sure he is not hurting himself. Torey trusted his friends and helped them just as much as they helped him. While reading, I have learned that real friends are always going to be there with you and help you with such problems. I inspire to be just as good of a friend as Torey’s friends were. The book also introduced something that is popular among teenagers today in our society, and it is called gossiping. Gossiping happens when one person hears news about another person and that one person tells other people. It only takes a few minutes to travel to many people to share the news. In this story, gossiping happens numerous amounts of time each day. Some of the characters experience it too many times that it changes their reputation. I have learned that speaking about other peoples’ business could affect the way they see themselves. Gossiping also brings in another horrible thing that happens in the book, and it is bullying. Bullying happens almost everywhere and for different reasons. In the book, a kid who was bullied all of his life decided to disappear leaving many people confused and upset. This kid, whose name was Christopher Creed, could not handle the bullying much longer. In today’s society, people can be bullied for almost anything causing people to harm themselves and take their own life. As I finished the book, I wanted to keep in mind that bullying someone can hurt them in ways that I may not think about. All of these lessons were shared throughout the story, and I will remember them and take them with me through my life.