Think Before Acting

By Natalie Currie '23, By Natalie Currie '23

One of the works, Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, has taught me some life lessons. The first one is to be honest with others. Multiple times in the play did Romeo and Juliet have to keep their secret, which ended in their inevitable death. It’s a good lesson to be honest with others around you so that if something happens, you know they can have your back. The second lesson is to think before acting. When Romeo sees Juliet dead, his immediate reaction is to drink the poison and be with her. Juliet then stabs herself even though Friar urges her to come with him. She hardly thinks before committing suicide. This also leads to the third lesson which is don’t kill yourself. You shouldn’t commit suicide if a loved one dies or at all. You should keep going on with life so that you can honor their memory. You can never guarantee if you’ll be with them when you die. These are the life lessons that Romeo and Juliet taught me.