A picky eaters top five restaurants in South Jersey

If you are a picky eater like me who is very specific and cautious about the food she eats and where the food is from, you know it can be hard to find a good restaurant that caters to all your criteria. Especially in this new era of masks and social distancing, it has been even harder to venture outside the walls of your home to grub on delicious and savory food. So with that being said, I would like to present to you my all-time favorite restaurants in South Jersey.

If you’re near the Cape May area and are starving for some good food, I would highly recommend traipsing to Owen’s Pub in Wildwood. In this day in age, cramped restaurants are not a good sign of safety precautions, and this goes to Owen’s Pub. The restaurant is small to begin with, but with the tables six feet apart and the boisterous yelling coming from the bar, it is hard not to feel confined. However, if you opt for outdoor dining, you can feel the salty breeze on your skin and smell the pastry goods from the bakery across the street. Owen’s is also very clean from the silverware to the floor. There seems to not be even a speck of dirt.

Now granted, Owen’s Pub has a small menu, but everything on the menu is nothing short of delicious. From a variety of cheesesteaks, sandwiches, salads and dinner entrees. I can almost guarantee there is something for everyone. Not only does Owen’s have good food, but they have great service as well. The waitresses are always on top of everything from refilling your glass to delivering your check. The greatest thing about Owen’s is their pricing. Overall they are decently cheap. Not a single meal is over fifteen dollars. Owen’s Pub is the place to be. The aura of the pub is welcoming and coz,y and you’ll always be greeted by a kind smile.

Next on my list is Bellevue Tavern which, surprise, is also in Cape May on Route 9. Bellevue Tavern from the outside looks like a huge Victorian era house with a rustic vibe and beautiful outdoor seating. Once you walk inside, there is a spacious seating area with huge tables to fit an entire football team. Contrary to Owen’s Pub, the Bellevue Tavern offers a wide range of food. The food is absolutely impeccable, and in my humble opinion, cannot be beat. Along with the mouth watering food Bellevue has to offer, they also have an amazing service system. I swear they have to have the Flash working in their kitchen because the food comes out super fast. Not to mention everything is super pristine and clean. Additionally, I would say the prices are reasonable. It averages just like any other restaurant you’ll go to.

If you’re in the mood for pancakes or steak or a good burger, don’t worry the Vegas Diner has your back. The inside of the diner is huge, and you can tell it’s size by the looming brick building it is on the outside. The inside of the diner, especially towards the back is usually always cramped with tables, and there’s hardly any leg room or room to scoot your chair back to leave the table. Just like it’s namesake, the Vegas Diner gives you the Vegas vibe with old-fashioned and vintage decor.

The Vegas Diner’s menu has the widest selection of food from my list, catering to every meal of the day and more. Personally, I believe their breakfast food cannot be beat, from the scrambled eggs and toast to the Oreo crumb pancakes and Nutella waffles. Everything is given my top rating. However, where the diner excels in good food, they sort of lack in the good service department. Don’t get me wrong, the waiters are quick to deliver your drink and check, but they can rush you and at times can be rude. Another downside is that the food takes long to come out, so if you’re starving for food, and don’t think you can wait long, I would suggest looking to go somewhere else. On the plus side though, they are very clean and pristine. They have clean table top surfaces and spotless silverware. My favorite part of the Vegas Diner is that it is super affordable.

Next on my list is the brick oven pizza and kitchen named Poppi’s, located in–you guessed it– Wildwood. Poppi’s has two different seating areas and vibes that go with each area. The outside seating is very calm and soothing, with long wooden benches while the inside is more formal and modern with fancier seating arrangements. The outside is absolutely beautiful, and the low light-dimmed lighting gives off an incredible vibe. The ambience of Poppi’s is peaceful, sophisticated, lively, and welcoming.

I don’t know if it is just me, but food tastes a hundred times better down the shore. Poppi’s offers a wide range of Italian foods. The homemade brick oven pizza is superb, and the parmesan truffle fries are splendid. Trust me when I say your stomach will thank you for the deliciousness. Poppi’s also has some of the best service I have ever experienced. The waiters are super nice and engaging and are quick on their feet with replacing drinks and completing requests. Additionally, the Italian restaurant is clean and polished. Like most Italian restaurants, Poppi’s is a little bit more on the pricier side.

If you’re local to the WoodburyWest Deptford area and are looking for something to eat for lunch, I would highly suggest Brynn Bradley. Right across from the Colonial Diner, Brynn Bradley is an all new take out restaurant. The inside is just as sleek and prestigious as the outside. The interior of the take-out restaurant is all clean surfaces and a fresh and open environment. The exterior is just like the inside but with simple black lettering naming Brynn Bradley.

Everything on the menu is savory, delicious, and homemade. The menu offers a small selection of sandwiches, hoagies, wings and more. If you won’t take my word on how amazing the food is, Brynn Bradley was voted Best Cheesesteak and Best Take-Out in South Jersey 2021 by the Courier’s Post Readers Choice. The service at Brynn Bradley is impeccable. When you call to give your order, they usually answer by the second ring, and when they tell you twenty minutes, they really mean it’s only twenty minutes. Your food is always prepared hot and ready to pick up. Everyone at Brynn Bradley is so on top of everything it is marvelous. Now for the little downside, Brynn Bradley is a little bit on the expensive side. However, I believe the food is way beyond worth it. You’re paying for good quality food, so why not splurge?

All in all, I highly recommend all the restaurants I stated above. They wouldn’t be mine, a picky eater’s favorite restaurants if they didn’t have good quality food. I can absolutely guarantee with full confidence that there is something for everyone. All the food is delicious and mouth-watering amazing. So the next time you’re contemplating a restaurant to visit and want great food make sure to check out any of the five I reviewed.