An honest review on online shopping websites

By Molly Doherty ‘21

Whether you are shopping for clothes, home decor, pet toys, food, games, movies, books, etc., it is all accessible via online. Since the pandemic, it was much easier to go online and shop for things to keep you entertained since stores were not available. Now, everyone can just buy anything he or she wants, whenever he or she wants. But, what online stores are actually worth it and not just scamming you? It is hard to tell from either fake reviews or from your friends’ opinions because everyone is different.
The first online website/app that will be reviewed is Amazon. is an online shopping website that you can buy almost anything you could ever think of. They sell books, houseware, movies, music, toys, electronics, and any other items and ship them straight to your home. Amazon prime members are offered even better deals like same day delivery for half the price. Like any website though, there are cons, such as the shipping fees. Shipping fees can vary depending on what you are buying and whether or not you are a prime member. For example, if you are shopping for a bathing suit and see that it costs a penny, do not buy it. It will come with a sixteen dollar shipping fee so it is just like buying a regularly priced item.
For the pros, it is definitely cheaper than in store brand items. I could choose to buy a bathing suit from Amazon for 15 dollars, when it costs 20 dollars each for a top and bottom at Target. Along with great deals, Prime members are offered free same day delivery, free two-hour grocery delivery services, free no rush shipping, which can help you save points and other great deals. If you choose not to be a member, the shipping will take longer, but it is so worth it. Amazon should be everyone’s first choice when shopping.
Amazon’s clothes are always good quality and tend to last a while. They may be on the thinner side. However, the clothes are very soft and comfortable. They may not last as long as store brand clothes, but as long as you take care of them, then they will last. Bathing suits are always harder to find online because you never know if they will fit right. The bathing suits are decent quality but will last you one to two summers, but this is not a problem since they are so cheap.
If you thought the prices of Amazon were low, then you will love Shein. Shein is another online website focused on women’s fashion. Shein started in 2008 but just became popular this past year. Social media tends to flock to Shein because they are great to review or wear for Instagram pictures. On YouTube, you can find thousands of wonderful reviews on Shein.
The pros of Shein would be their cheap clothing and various other products. They also provide amazing discounts. If you are a first time shopper, then you will receive a 10% or a 20% discount. If you are a regular shopper, you can get a 15% discount. You can guarantee that most of the items you purchase will be under ten dollars, depending on what you buy of course. Shein has thousands of various articles of clothing you can choose from that will look great on any body type. They have inclusive sizes so anyone can shop here.
There are some cons to Shein. While there are good reviews on Shein, they also sell some questionable products or clothes that are not in the best condition. There are few reviews of the clothes not fitting well.
Stitch Fix is another great shopping site for women. Stitch Fix caters towards women in their 20’s or older just because their clothes are for women that have a more mature clothing style. They personalize your orders by asking a very detailed questionnaire. Then, they ship you clothes that they think you will like. Because of that, it is very hit or miss. “At Stitch Fix our business model is simple: We send you clothing and accessories we think you’ll like; you keep the items you want and send the others back. We leverage data science to deliver personalization at scale…”
Pros would be that it would allow you to branch out and try new clothes and styles that you normally would not try. It is personalized for you so it is normally clothes that you would like. It ships out every month so it gives you something to look forward to and it comes on a normal schedule.
The cons would be that it is pricey. If you do not return the clothes you did not want, it will charge you. You have three days to decide whether or not you want to keep the items. For the items you do not want, you can return them and get a refund. If you return them too late, you will be charged for them, but you can extend the return date beyond three days.
If I were to recommend any of these websites to anyone, I would definitely recommend Amazon. They provide the best quality items, fast shipping and have amazing prices and reviews. The other two shopping websites are great for some, but I prefer Amazon. Some perks of online shopping is that even if your clothes fade and get worn down, you can keep re-buying the items you love.