The best funny movies I love about love

There is nothing better than believing in the magic of meet-cutes, Insta-love, happily ever afters and the enchantment of falling in love. Romantic comedies are uniquely cinematic and are totally worth binge watching. The formula for the perfect romantic comedy is a compelling love story, amazing chemistry between the actors, and a dash of comedy to laugh out loud too. So without a further ado, I compiled a list of my all time favorite rom-coms.

Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel make a delightful couple with a lot of chemistry in the 2010 film, Life As We Know It. After a catastrophic first date between Holly (Heigl) and Eric (Duhamel) set up by their mutual best friends, the only thing these two can agree on is their devotion and adoration for their goddaughter, Sophie. After a tragic turn of events, Holly and Eric become the sole guardians to Sophie and are now faced with the responsibility for raising their goddaughter together. Trying to juggle taking care of a toddler, social and career commitments, Holly and Eric try to find common ground and unexpectedly find love too.

Now for the movie that makes you want to drop everything and go live on an island in Greece and forget all your responsibilities. That’s right, I’m talking about Mamma Mia!, and if you’re living under a rock and have never heard of the 2008 film, go grab your remote and popcorn now. Donna (Meryl Streep) lives on the Greek Islands and is a hotel owner. She is preparing for her daughter’s wedding. Meanwhile Sophie (Amanda Seyfried), Donna’s daughter, has a plan to discreetly invite three men from whom her mother had flings with in the past without her mom knowing. Sophie hopes by inviting and meeting these men she can find her father and have him walk her down the aisle on her wedding day. The musical is full of fluff, fun, and magic. The movie is enchantingly compelling, and you’re sucked into the plot and become so invested into the characters. Not to mention this movie will for sure have you belting out the song lyrics and getting up to dance with the characters.

The ultimate teen movie in my mind is the 1999 blockbuster, 10 Things I Hate About You. Stars Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles give a strong, empowering and beautiful performance. The sweet romantic comedy is about Kat Stratford (Stiles) who is a smart, beautiful young girl who is a little abrasive to the male species. Meaning in short, she doesn’t attract many boys because they’re too easily intimidated by her blunt honesty and attitude. Unfortunately for Bianca, her younger sister, their father’s rule says she can’t have a boyfriend until Kat does. Strings are pulled, schemes are plotted, and soon Kat crosses paths with the handsome and enticing Patrick (Ledger). But the question remains, will Kat let her defenses down to fall for Patrick’s charming nature? 10 Things I Hate About You captures how young people navigate and balance all of the social, cultural and personal expectations placed upon them. Plus, Kat is a total icon.

If your celebrity crush is Ryan Gosling, thank me later after watching this movie. Just like the title’s namesake the 2011 , Crazy, Stupid, Love is unbashadly crazy and sweetness all wrapped up into one with a great cast. Jacob Palmer (Ryan Gosling) takes Cal Weaver (Steve Carrell) under his wings after Cal finds his wife cheating on him. Jacob teaches Cal how to be a player and a hit with the ladies. Jacob meets Cal’s daughter, Hannah (Emma Stone) and the two hit it off, unluckily for Cal but luckily for his daughter. The film is crazy and funny and foolish but so worth the watch. And come on, if Ryan Gosling is in it, it’s a must-watch movie.

Hollywood no longer makes any memorable rom-coms that are equally amazing, funny and swoon-worthy anymore. Sadly, it feels like the era of rom-coms is over. Thankfully there are hundreds of more rom-coms out there similar and not-so similar to my favorites. Who doesn’t love the magic of love and watching it’s presence form on screen? Anyways go watch these movies now and thank me later.