Three Best Mascaras to Try in 2021

We all want to get done up and feel fancy sometimes, especially us girls. Makeup is usually a big step of our routine. So, picking out a mascara that will make you feel your best is important. You need the clump-proof, flake proof, or even waterproof effects while also getting the thickened enhancing lashes you want. My go-to makeup is always mascara which is the one thing I feel I really need to make myself feel good. Over the years, I’ve tested out many options, so I thought I’d share my top three ultimate favorites.
Big Ego by Tarte is my go-to mascara. The design is either full pink tube and cap with gold writing or a pink tube with a gold sparkly cap and gold writing–a very elegant and fun pop of color to a makeup stand. It has a thicker brush which helps to grab more eyelashes. The mascara is very good at lengthening the eyelashes so you won’t need those annoying glue on lashes. The volumizing formula offers a fast lash drama in only a few swipes. The ingredients include a sunflower seed wax that promises to thicken lashes without clumping. The mascara comes off easy with makeup remover, as water wouldn’t work as well because it is waterproof. This mascara stays all day throughout all the struggles of the day like rain, sweat, and tears and doesn’t smudge. In Tarte’s testing team “Tartelette ” they said that, “100% of people had no smudging after two weeks of use” making this mascara extremely trustworthy. There is even no flaking under the eyelashes throughout wear. The fulfillful quality of this mascara is worth the $23 spent.
Another mascara to be rushing to the store for is Clinique’s High Impact Mascara. It comes in a dark green tinted tube which reflects a shiny emerald green in the light. The thinner brush brings no clumps and is a quick and precise application. Also creating a very good clean length difference that lasts all day while offering a quick removal at night so you don’t get those dark raccoon eyes. I never have any complaints with smudging or flaking so it gives a very good long-wear. According to Clinique’s website, it states, “Our waterproof version of High Impact Mascara can stand up to heat, humidity, and an active day,” so it is safe through multiple conditions. Even safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. For this mascara is it well-worth the $20 it’s sold for.
I’ve never seen a more promising cheap mascara than this one. Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect is highly effective mascara costing only $4.99. The appearance is a full black tube with green writing that pops out to the eye. The writing on the tube is even 3D giving a cool sensory effect. The company really comes through with the false lash effect giving you that enhancing eye pop you want. There is a dramatic difference in the eyelash’s length. It has a conic shaped fiber brush which helps to not clump the lashes and a deeply pigmented noticeable finish. This mascara lasts all day but is easy to remove. With no smudge or flaking it is great for all day wear. The company even creates a variety of mascaras with the same formula, so it is available in a waterproof version.
These mascara’s will leave you feeling your best when going out or just wanting to stay in. They will last through the ups and downs throughout the day without ruining your look. Offering you a soft glam or a full-face whenever you need it. For those who have issues finding their perfect look for a mascara you should get your hands on these. When in need of a trustworthy mascara that will light up your day, these three are great options to jump for.