Championship games set as teams fight for bragging rights

By Matt Shinkle '14

           Saying you’re the best at something always feels good. Well, four teams in the NFL are fighting for that bragging right. The Jets, Steelers, Bears and Packers all are very deserving of winning the Super Bowl.

          The Jets were able to pull a somewhat impossible feat and beat the New England Patriots by the score of 28-21. When you see the matchups for the championship games, and notice that the Patriots aren’t there, there must be something wrong, right? Well, not really.

           Not only is there a constant bickering between these two teams because it’s a competitive sport, but coaches Bill Belichick and Rex Ryan are not the best of friends. Rex Ryan’s team went out on the field Sunday trying to defend their coach’s honor, along with the thirst of redemption in their mouth. They made a miraculous comeback and won. Now they face the Steelers.

           The Steelers beat the Ravens by the score of 31-24. Pittsburgh was the favorite by about 4 points. They played twice in the regular season; both games being decided by only one field goal, but the Steelers came out strong and won by 7 points. Now the Steelers play the Jets who have proved they are fine being the underdog after beating the Patriots. This game shouldn’t disappoint, as we can see reasons as to why both teams should win.

           The Packers were already in the playoffs by week 17, so they had nothing to play for, right? Wrong. Their opponent that week was non-other than the Chicago Bears who needed a win to get in. Well, the Packers barely played that day and lost, but in week 3, when they were trying, they won 20-17. The Packers better hope they don’t regret their decision in the regular season to let the Bears win and let them keep them out of the Super Bowl.

          The Bears beat the Seahawks who came off of a astounding defeat of the New Orleans Saints 35-24. Their last opponent until the Super Bowl is the Packers. These teams share nothing in common as they both hate each other, as would any two people who were competing in any competition. This year’s Super Bowl will not disappoint.