NFL experiences many upsets in first round of NFL playoffs

Matt Shinkle '14

            The NFL playoffs began this weekend. No two people could agree on the outcome of any of the games. Therefore, the upsets started.

            The Seahawks entered the playoffs having the worst record in NFL history to go in the playoffs. They were matched up against the defending Super Bowl champs, the New Orleans Saints. Everyone counted out them out, including me, a huge Seahawks fan, but they shocked the world. The Saints were without their top two running backs and were still the favorite. The Seahawks scored every quarter, including 17 points in the 2nd, and stopped the Saints in the 3rd. There only concern was that in the last quarter, the Saints came out hungry, and scored 16. While that’s a lot, it wasn’t enough to mount a comeback.

            The Packers beat their playoff opponent back in week 1 by the score of 27-20. On Sunday, however, they saw a team that featured a MVP worthy Michael Vick, Young Lesean McCoy and tag team duo Desean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin. Set aside from the offense that the Eagles presented, the Packers defense countered. The Packers also didn’t really have a strong running game, losing their starter in week 1 to the Eagles. David Akers missed two field goals that could have won it for the Eagles. This game was projected as a close game, but if you watched it, you would think the Packers were better.

            The Ravens started slowly in their game against the Kansas City Chiefs but were able to pull out a 30-7 win. After the first quarter, the Chiefs were winning 7-3. Those 7 points were the only points the great Ravens defense would give up. Their defense is so good that the Chiefs number one receiver was not able to even catch a pass. The Ravens gained all momentum and scored 27 unanswered points. Now, the Ravens go up against AFC North rival the Pittsburgh Steelers, who received a bye in the first round. Terrell Suggs of the Ravens said after the game that, “This is World War III to us. This is definitely Armageddon.” The whole football universe is looking forward to this matchup.    

            The Jets were matched up against the slumping Indianapolis Colts. The Colts have been good for many years now, but not great excluding the year they won the Super Bowl. The Jets pulled out a narrow victory by the score of 17-16, kicking a 32 yard Field Goal in the final 3 seconds of regulation. The Jets got the ball with 53 seconds left to play, but with help from the Jets punt Return team, a comeback was achieved. The next game for the Jets will be a tough one, their opponent being the Patriots. Both head coaches are out to prove they have the better team, with Rex Ryan explaining he needs this win. The last time these two teams played, the Patriots blew out the Jets.

            The first week of the Playoffs proved to be exciting and next week’s matchups don’t look like they will disappoint.