Winter Track Team runs in freezing temperatures

Kelli Tachdjian '14

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Running frozen doesn’t sound like a fun activity iin the winter time, but for West Deptford’s very own Winter Track team, this is the most normal thing you can do.

            Winter Track has many of the events as Spring Track except one is done in the winter and one is done in the spring. It has been a big hit for many freshman, sophomores, juniors and seniors.

            Coach Drummond knows a lot about running and coaching a running team. He graduated from West Deptford in the class of ’93 and then Rowan University in class of ’97. Drummond has had a great experience from coaching Haddon Heights High School, Rancocas Valley High School, and West Deptford. He considers this season a success and likes the performances of the new team members. Drummond is also a runner which makes it so easy to coach running. He trains for 5k-marathon distances and has served as a camp counselor at Runningworks Cross Country Camp.

            “The team is doing very well. We have experienced people who’ve broken many records and then we have the younger people who come in and show the upperclassmen what they can do,” Drummond said.

            Kevin Cianfriani (’14) is a Winter Track star who has a dream to break a record as a freshman.  

“I don’t know the record off hand, but I still would like to break it as a freshman,” Cianfriani stated. Cianfriani is now currently holding a record for the 1,000 meter run.  He runs other events such as the 800m, the 400m and possibly the 200m. His best time for the 800m is 2:12:1.

            Jake Bilodeau (’14) and Max Gaylord (’14) are two runners who have shown what they have to the upperclassmen. Bilodeau is a first time Winter Track runner and likes it a lot. Gaylord is a little more experienced in running with upperclassmen because he ran on the cross country team in the middle school and in the fall of 2010. They both run the 4 x 800m and they are training to make it to Sectionals.

            Sectionals are on February 5th and that is “the big meet.” It’s the meet everyone wants to make. If runnrs place in the top 6 in their event, they move on to the State Championship.

            “I think several people will qualify for states, but as a team, we will not be ready for another two years,” Drummond said. He wants more of his team to make it than just a few stars.

            All of the meets are held indoors but practice is held outside. They warm-up in the hallways of WDHS, and then they suit up in all their warm clothing and run on the track outside.

            They work hard and strive to be their best every day that they freeze as they run. That’s dedication.