Girls’ basketball starts on a good note

By Kelli Tachdjian '14

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            Our own Lady Eagles basketball varsity and junior varsity start the season with a good record. Winning 6 games out of 9, makes the varsity players feel good about how they’ve played. Junior Varsity has a great record of 7 winning games out of 7.

            The coaches have great knowledge about basketball and really try to teach the girls. They feel they know what they are talking about. Coach McKeown, Coach Heitman, Coach Stetson and Coach Chambers all know are capabilities as players and know that we can shoot a 3 pointer and nail a lay-up.

            Having good coaches is a key factor winning the game against big schools that they would most likely lose against. They beat the odds of losing with drills that help them work what needs to be improved.

            Coach McKeown knows his stuff about basketball and helps pass it on to his players. He is passionate about the sport and likes when a game is good and competitive. Even though he likes to win, he doesn’t mind when he loses to a competitive team. It just makes him want to train his girls harder so the next time he faces them, he’ll be ready with an even more competitive team.

            The captains, Kelly Brewster and Tina D’Aiutolo, as well as the other all stars on the team work their hardest in practice so they can be the best they can be. When they lose a game, they know they just have to work harder. When they win games, they congratulate themselves then think back and perfect the things they feel they need to work on.

            They don’t really have a distinct varsity, junior varsity and freshman team. It’s more like a big team that travels together to the games, and they are like one big family. They have team dinners like taco night.

            Each practice is filled with a fun atmosphere, and the players learn something new every day as well as reviewing the new things they learned last practice. They apply all the little tricks and new stuff they learned in practice in the games.

            Every win and every loss is a total team effort. They win and lose as a team. They would like it to be winning as a team more though.

            Come out and support the fabulous Lady Eagles girl’s basketball team at their next home game. Go Lady Eagles!

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