Football team secures first win of the season

By Brenda Boody ‘15

West Deptford Friday nights is high school football. It’s the place to be with cool air, the concession stand, the fans, and the players. They are all there to support their team. Even the alumni of  West Deptford are there.   

The season opener was Friday the 16th of September against Sterling High School. The score was a victorious 56-12. Touchdowns were made by Isaiah Worthy (10th) , Alex Hilbmann (11th), Gerald Towns (10th), Tom Jakubowski (12th), and Phil Fisher (12th) and Josh Cornelius (11th)  each made two.

Quarterback Alex Hilbmann had concerns about the game. “I was nervous because it was my first time in the starting lineup for varsity.” Hilbmann made a touchdown in his first game. He had need to be nervous any more.

While the fans and the cheerleaders yell and chant, the players are oblivious. It’s the surround sound of Friday nights. Jessica Carny 10th, one of the football managers, said, “The players don’t pay attention to the fans; they try to concentrate on the game. And, it’s clear that there strategy is working for them.”