Pollard signs with Penn State

Pollard is number #77.

By Brenda Boody '15

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            Senior Jamil Pollard, high school defensive tackle, got a full scholarship to Penn State where he will be majoring in communications.  Pollard believes he got the scholarship because PSU says he is really talented.

“Penn State is a good school with a great alumni base and a great football base,” says Pollard.

            He got accepted in to PSU early December. He says he was shocked when he heard about the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse scandal, but it never changed his mind. “Penn State will be Penn State no matter what. It shook me up a little finding out the information. But my mind set for Penn State will never change,” says Pollard.

            His final decision to attend Penn State was made at the All-American Bowl. He is fully committed to PSU and is no longer looking at any colleges. Although Pollard was teetering between PSU and Boston College, he has made his final decision. “Penn State is the school for me,” says Pollard.

            Pollard’s parents were for Boston College since before the Sandusky scandal. His high school football coach Coach Folsom was for PSU. “They had an influence on me, but the final decision was mine not Coach Folsom’s or my parents,” says Pollard.

Coach Folsom, Pollard’s head football coach, believes he made the right decision on attending PSU. His team members also enjoy the fact that they have one of their friends attending PSU.  “Jamil is a dominant defensive tackle, especially at the high school level. PSU should be glad to have him,” says Folsom. 

Pollard is confident about his success at PSU. “The football team at PSU should be glad
I’m joining them,” says Pollard.