Still hope for the Flyers to win the Playoffs

BY Brenda Boody '15

            The Flyers started off the Stanley Cup Playoffs strong. They are being forced to play the Pittsburgh Penguins in the post season. They were looking forward to playing them and getting them out of the playoffs because they had a very interesting game on March 18th. Peter Laviolette, head coach of the Flyers, received a ten thousand dollar fine for screaming and non-released information at the head coach of the Penguins.

            The first playoff game with the Penguins was April 11th. The Flyers congratulated the Penguins on their four-three loss that night. The game went into overtime after the 3rd period was a tie 3-3. The game was not as physical as the Flyers fans expected. They expected a very old style hockey, and they got a nonphysical win.

            The second game was on April 13th. That night the score was 8-5 in favor of the Flyers. This also was not old style hockey.

Game three was old style hockey. There were 72 penalty minutes in the first period and many more throughout the game. They also won: 8-4.

            The Flyers fans were let down during Game 4.  They lost the old style game 3-10. Pittsburgh had a party that night.

 Game five was also a small letdown, but if you stayed on the Flyers band wagon and watched game six, chances are you screamed. They lost game five 2-3.

            However, they somehow turned their luck around game six. They won 5-1. Claude Giroux number 28 on the Flyers set the pace in the first 5 seconds of the game with a huge check to Sydney Crosby number 87 on the Penguins. Then with only 32 seconds into the game, Giroux scored on the power play.  To follow Giroux lead, Scotty Hartnell number 19 on the Flyers, checked Crosby again. 

            After the 5th goal by Brayden Schenn, the Flyers won the series with 4 wins to two. They only had to play six out of the seven games for the Flyers to move on to the next round. After the game, both teams shook hands to show sportsmanship and say nice game.

            Who knows what’s next for our Flyers. Will they play the New York Rangers or will they play the New Jersey Devils? Hopefully, they can take them down and send them home like the boys did to the Penguins.