It’s game time

By Nina Mascali 13

There is just a different feeling when the lights come on, the music turns off and the quietness takes over the crowd and field like a wave. The whistle blows. It’s game time. Goggles on and ready. We rush to the ball like we’ll never get the chance again. Both teams have a common goal. It’s all about who wants it more, which team has the will to win. That team will come out on top. Victory will be theirs. The celebrating and screaming fans will be all for them. It will only matter that short time after the next day. Then it will be over, and you’re on to the next game. Sixty minutes maybe every other day is all you get to prove yourself. What do you want to prove in that sixty minutes? Will you have the heart of a lion and the will of all? How far will you go for your team with only 60 minutes to prove it?