A cry for help not heard in time for Kansas City Chiefs’ player Jovan Belcher


By Inese Wingate ’13

Have you ever dreamed about becoming famous or becoming wealthy? Well it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. There are many famous or wealthy people who have had turmoil during their success. A lot of them ending up in bankruptcy, committing suicide, or getting involved with dangerous things such as drugs or alcohol.

This turmoil happened to one guy in particular, and unfortunately involved not only him but also his family and friends, and more importantly his girlfriend and their child. Kansas City linebacker Jovan Belcher just recently shot and killed his 22-year-old girlfriend Kasandra Perkins and then turned the gun on himself.

It is reported by police from friends that he shot her after accusing her of having an affair with Trey Songz. Then he reportedly drove to the Chiefs’ facilities and shot himself in front of the coaches after thanking them for all that they’ve done for him.

The family and friends of the couple are still in the healing process, and they are being provided resources for therapy or any other type of counseling that they may need to cope.

It is believed by a lot of the couple’s friends that Jovan just snapped from being overwhelmed or as a result of having too much at one time. He was under a lot of pressure because his team had a game coming up, and he and Kasandra had just recently had a baby together.

It seems that money and fame can bring turmoil. Having too much too soon can overwhelm just about anybody. That kind of money and fame can put pressure on a person and bring stress which can in turn cause health problems. It can make you do things that you never did before you acquired the fame or fortune.

For example, some people who end up becoming famous might end up doing whatever it takes to stay famous or keep whatever title or position they hold. They might do this despite other people’s beliefs or feelings.

Jovan having too much is what caused him to snap and end his and his girlfriend’s lives. It seems he felt overwhelmed–like there were so many things going on in his life that he just couldn’t keep up.

He also might have felt pressured to do well in football for his team with the game coming up, pressure to be a good father and be there for his child, and pressure to be there for his girlfriend to help and support her.

Because of all these things going on in his life, he may have felt like there was just too much on his plate to handle at a time. So he may have felt in his frame of mind that the best solution was just to end it all. Unfortunately, his cry for help wasn’t heard in time.