Don’t say goodbye to kickoffs


By Chris Dugan '13

On December 6, National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell stated in an article in Time magazine that the kickoff could be eliminated completely from the game. He also offered suggestions about changing the kickoff.

“Team, instead of kicking off, would get the ball at its own 30-yard line in a fourth-and-15 situation. The team then would punt the ball away or, to replace an onside kick, could go for it and, if it failed to get a first down, the opposing squad would start with great field position,” said Goddell in the TIME article.

This change and all the other changes are all for the NFL players’ safety. If the kickoff is taken away, it supposed to reduce the chances of injuries with players.

The kickoff‘s most common injuries are head injuries, which come from the player’s natural defense in the game. Kickoffs are dangerous because of the high-speed nature of the collisions involved between players.

Even though players do suffer from injuries, it comes with their job. Players know that football is a dangerous sport, and they know that and still play. So changing the player’s game has effects on more than just the injuries of players. Changing the kickoff changes the game.

Also in the TIME magazine article Chicago Bears punter Adam Podlesh gives his point of view about the kickoff change.

“You’re going to see a lot more scoring, especially the way everybody is kicking touchbacks right now. If they are doing it purely for the safety factor … I don’t think the kickoff is the most dangerous play in football anymore,” said Podlesh.

The NFL has changed a lot over the years for player safety. Players have a right to be safe. Changing the game though changes how football is played and how players play the game.

The kickoff being changed to a 30 yard fourth and 15 into a punt is a change I and many other people are disputing.

Players should still be safe, but changing more and more about the game is just getting ridiculous.

The NFL has gone through many changes. For players safety the changes make sense, but changing one of the most important plays of a football game is also changing the game itself.

More precautions should be taken for players’ safety, but the kickoff should not be taken out of a football game.