Bowling isn’t as easy as it seems

By Art Hill '14

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Bowling isn’t as easy as it seems. It takes concentration, consistency, and the ability to know how to approach the pins. You have to concentrate on where to start so you know where you want the ball to go. After the first throw, you should adjust your approach for the second throw to hit the rest of the pins if necessary. For instance, if you throw the ball straight down the lane and knock down eight pins with two pins still standing to the left, you would adjust yourself to the left of the lane and then throw the ball. You should get the last two pins if you throw the ball the same way. There are many ways to throw the ball. You can throw a straight ball, several curve balls, and two-handed bowling (a throw where your fingers are not in the ball).

It can be stressful at times. If your lane is next to little kids who raise their voices for no reason, it is annoying. The worst part about that experience is when the parent does nothing about it. But that is not as bad as the kids who run on your side of the lane just as soon as you go and bowl your turn. It only gets that way during the summer break. Otherwise, the bowling alley is a relaxing place to be.

I like to go to the bowling alley once in a while just to have fun and relieve some stress I may have. It’s calming and enjoyable for me. I also try different ways to throw the ball. I’m usually great at straight bowling. I’ve tried two-handed bowling a few times. If I only have pins on the left side of the lane, I will throw the ball with a sharp curve to hit those few pins.

Bowling alleys have special leagues for many people to join. Some have elderly leagues for a certain amount of dollars per week. Or they have family nights for a family to have quality time with each other. There are many other leagues, too.  Personally, I like school leagues because it is fun to just hang around with classmates and have a good time. And it is practically free to play on the Bowling Team. All I have to pay is an activity fee, but that is the same for all sports. You also get to know more people too and make more friends. It really is a great activity.