Scholar athletes have school pride

By Thomas Cairns

Besides being one of the top athletic high schools in the state, West Deptford High School is also a student athlete’s school. Students that wear the green and white know that being a student as well as an athlete is a priority. West Deptford students are leaders in the classroom and in the sport they play. Students are so dedicated. The staff and the administrator stresses being a leader, on and off the court.

I know from my own personal experiences that being a student athlete is not always easy. But that’s part of being a student and an athlete–being dedicated to everything you do. There is so much pride in West Deptford, not only for sports but for being a good student. In the end, it is a well-balanced school.

West Deptford also has so many alumni who come back to the school. Most graduates are proud to say they are an alumnus. People who graduate from West Deptford, love West Deptford. Everyone bleeds green and white!