Cliff Lee stuns all with return to Philadelphia

Matt Shinkle '14

            Cliff Lee was the biggest free agent on the market this off-season. There were reports that there were two major teams after him along with a mystery team. The New York Yankees and Texas Rangers were going back and forth raising the money and years on the contract, but Lee never seemed interested. Then Lee called the Rangers and his agent called the Yankees, telling both teams were out of the running for Lee, but how does that make sense? The mystery team, ever so quickly, came out of the shadows and revealed itself. Lee wanted to go back to Philadelphia. He will sign a 5-year 120 million dollar contract.

            Now that’s insane. Not only did it seem like no one else was in the bidding, but where did the Phillies find the money? Jayson Werth signed with the Nationals after the Phillies refused to sign him. Most of Philadelphia believed it was because they didn’t have enough money. In reality, it was because they were secretly going after one of the best pitchers in baseball. Now I’m fine with letting Werth go.

            The trio of Halladay, Oswalt, and Hamels was already to be feared, but with the addition of Lee, we are GUARANTEED at least four wins every six games.

            Cliff Lee in a press conference said he never wanted to leave Philadelphia in the first place, and it shows since he signed a contract with 30 million dollars less.

            Phillies GM Ruben Amaro Jr. says he never lost sight of Lee, even when he was traded to Seattle. Amaro was waiting for the best time to strike, and as soon as Cliff Lee’s contract went out, it could not have worked any better.

            In early November, Lee’s agent invited Lee and his wife to his home. He told Lee, to simply, write down the five teams you would most likely want to go to. Number one on that list was Philadelphia. It was the perfect match. Philly wanted Lee and Lee wanted Philly.

            It almost seems like the Phillies could have offered him anything, and he would have probably taken it with a smile and say, “See you in Training Camp!”

            Lee not only loved to play for Philly, but he loved the fans, the hype, and the excitement. He might have also wanted to come back is to be in the same rotation with Roy Halladay, Roy Oswalt, and Cole Hamels: The Fearsome Foursome.