Lil Wayne: No Ceilings

Kayla King '14

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            How high can a rapper go? How many fans can one have? And how many albums can one sell? Well, Lil Wayne apparently has no ceilings, so the sky is the limit.

            The album, No Ceilings, was released on Saturday, October 31st, 2009.  This album was rated 2nd best after Carter 3. Even though this album was leaked on to the Internet four days before the actual release date, over two million albums were sold in the United States. 

            Lil Wayne started his career at the age of nine. He is now 28 and grew into the name Best Rapper Alive.

            No Ceilings’ beats belong to popular songs that have been switched to Lil Wayne freestyles. It grabs the attention of people who have a passion for today’s music. 

            Not only is Lil Wayne talented with rapping in the studios, he also is creating part of his new album behind bars. His recent music is being released while he is still incarcerated. This album left his fans hanging like a cliff hanger in a book; they will be expecting a follow up album after he is released. 

            No Ceilings is a taste of what’s to come, so it’s more of an appetizer in his music career. It seems like Lil Wayne is overloading the music industry of music and other rappers should be taking notes.

            Ever since Wayne has became the most popular rapper in the world, he’s been in a “go hard” mood, trusting his instincts and beliefs of what will get him far as possible.

            Nobody’s perfect but Lil Wayne is getting close. Wayne has probably recorded more verses than many other rappers ever will in their entire career.

“I’ve come a long way from 11 years old. It’s time for a change,” says Lil Wayne to MTV News.