ISIS: Have they taken over?

By Isabella Luciano ‘20

ISIS–a four letter word that holds so much terror. Teenagers should really be concerned with what they are going to wear, who they like, and when they are going with their friends. However, these days some teens in the world are scared to go to school and are tortured for doing nothing at all. Isis is one of the deadliest things in our world today.When I hear the name ISIS, I instantly think of death, fear, and bombs. They are ruthless, and they don’t mind to destroy innocent people’s lives with the push of a button. We give them this power. People are afraid of ISIS — myself included. What we are thinking is “Do we stop them?” when we really need to be thinking, “Can we protect ourselves from these attacks?” “From January 2015 to January 2016, it has been known that more than 1,200 people outside of Iraq and Syria have been killed in attacks inspired or coordinated by the Islamic state,” According to Karen Yourish in a New York Times article. To me, that means 1,000 moms and dads and kids, 1,000 people who had families and lives to live.ISIS is cruel and ruthless and won’t back down unless they are stopped. I don’t really think fighting ISIS is going to work in this case though because they are literally everywhere, which is also a scary thought. Wherever we are, people could be a part of this group planning to bomb, shoot, and kill the innocent people around me. We should just try defending ourselves by putting together a protocol just for ISIS, basically just to defuse the bombs, unarm the gun man, etc. We should just defeat the part of ISIS that is in our reach. We should try and stop the enemy with our intellect thinking and our technology, not with our army men and their guns.ISIS makes me worried. I am worried every day that something may trigger them and West Deptford High School becomes a target. Then where will I be? They are getting more and more dangerous and more and more reckless every day. I also think one day, there will be no place left to terrorize. Everything will be in the power of ISIS.As long as ISIS is targeting, bombing and killing, I will not feel safe. I fear not only for myself, but for the rest of my family also. My dad travels a lot; he goes to Texas; he goes to Boston; he goes to Colorado, etc. In the past, ISIS has attacked the Istanbul Airport. My dad is in airports all the time. My mom helps out at a hospital, and my brother goes to the Middle School. These are three places ISIS is known for attacking. Their acts of terrorism have happened all around the globe: it’s happened in Paris; it’s happened in Egypt; it’s happened in California; it’s happened in other places, too. The world is a scary place, but I never knew there was this definition of scary. What happened to being a child and watching The Lion King, “Hakuna Matata”? That meant no worries. Does that even exist anymore?