Trump or Clinton? Who is the better choice?

By Jordyn Kustera `18

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Most of the time when there is a “Presidential Election,” there is one candidate that you really like and one that you don`t. This year that is not the case. Trump and Hilary are the candidates this year, and many people are not happy with either of the choices.The thing that I don`t understand is how we can have presidential candidates who have committed so many crimes. Trump and Hilary Clinton have both committed crimes. The laws that Trump has broken have consisted of violating Wisconsin election laws by talking with voters as they stood in line to vote. Many of the proposals he has vowed to pursue as President violate the First, Fourth, Fifth, and Eighth Amendments of the Constitution. On the other hand, even though Clinton hasn`t committed as many crimes as Trump, she did one big one that equals Trump’s all together. What Hilary Clinton did was hide the emails that were not supposed to be confidential and deleted them so nobody could see them. I guess that didn`t work. If she becomes President, can we trust that she won`t hide more things from us? What Clinton did was she carelessly hide classified emails on her private emails so nobody saw them. Clinton says that hiding them was not intentional, and she did not mean to hide anything. The FBI believed her, and she did not face any criminal charges. Now the only things that are in her personal email are about her yoga routines, her daughter’s wedding, and her mother`s funeral. I guess she learned her lesson not to keep classified government matters on her personal email.One thing that puts me off from liking Trump are the ideas that he comes up with to get rid of Muslims and illegal immigrants. Some ideas that Trump has are good ideas but are not really possible, for example, his idea of building a wall to keep illegal immigrants out. In theory it would work but financially, it wouldn`t. Also some things he has said about labeling Muslims so we know where they are and getting them out of the country just reminds me a little of Hitler labeling Jewish people.This year for the election, I am very glad that I am not old enough to vote yet because I would not want to be responsible for deciding who is going to be the future president of the United States and watch him or her attempt to lead the country.